Its All Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination that symbolizes strength and clarity. Often times, people say “I see things in black and white” or” put something down in black and white”.


Black and White Collage

Black and White Interior Spaces and Furniture

White symbolizes daylight, airy, bright and purity. Black symbolizes night, bold and heavy. The combination is timeless. They are total opposites but when brought together shows truth and a powerful message. It’s simple, minimal but bold.

Left: Knoll “Drip“; Top Right: “Masters Chair” designed by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell carried by Design Within Reach; Bottom Right: iGattipardi Glazed Porcelain Tile from Stone Source

Black and White Collage

Black and White Interior spaces

Left: “Manuscrit Rug” from Design Within Reach; Top Right : Maharam “Conjoined Alphabet” Bottom Right: Crate and Barrel “Dotted Trellis “curtain panel

Here are few thoughts relating to black and white.

A quote from Patrick Winfield, graphic designer and photographer 

Source: Just Creative; posted about Logo Design 

I like to work first in black and white to ensure that the logo will look good in its simplest form. Color is very subjective and emotional. This can distract from the overall design – say if you saw your logo in all red, that color may be the first thing that you respond to and not the composition of the design elements. I will not even consider submitting color suggestions to a client for review until they have signed off on a final black and white logo.

A quote from Ted Grant

Source: Good

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Slider image: Maharam 20th Century Textiles



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2 Responses to “Its All Black and White”
  1. Tania Sen says:

    Hey you are right that black and white is a classic combination. White along with black makes an amazing beauty of our home. I also appreciate it for your home as well as mine. Color choice is really very crucial because color is related to our mind and emotion. White color is good for our eyes and it make a narrow room wider! Sometimes blue or green color are also used with white but black is really well matched.
    Tania@ dooleysfurniture

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